VersaCheck Platinum

Extend check authoring and printing to 5 simultaneous users at one office location. Users can work stand-alone to author & print custom checks from their desktop or simultaneously share the same data file throughout a local network using any network connected PC. VersaCheck Platinum can be deployed to each PC locally or downloaded from a local network.

Includes all the functionality of VersaCheck Gold 2010 plus...
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Synchronized Check Management! (5 user version only)
Supports 5 simultaneous users!

Included with VersaCheck Platinum 5-user, Active Check Server™ enables up to 5 simultaneous users to access multiple bank accounts and multiple accounting programs on their own PCs to write checks. It keeps a synchronized transaction database, tracks finances, and ensures each check is assigned a unique number.

Collect and Manage Your Invoices!
Create custom invoices and estimates. Use simple menu selections and buttons to add addresses, logos, postal barcodes, item-descriptions, tax, and prices. Convert estimates to invoices and receive payment from your customers with a click of the mouse.

Send invoices and receive payments online, instantly! Easily add Quick-Collect™ links into your invoices and send them via e-mail to your customers. They can pay instantly with a mouse click! Conveniently receive payments via e-mail checks or even collect pre-approved credit card payments into your merchant account. Or enable your customers to mail a payment. Instantly verify shipping and billing addresses!

Create Professional Business Cards, Labels and Security/ID Badges!
Design your own business cards, labels, and security/ID badges from scratch! Includes over 5,000 graphics, fonts, and templates. Create any label size or format using this software's powerful design tools or customize the included templates to match your needs!

Manage Inventory

VersaCheck's inventory manager lets you create a reusable master list of products and services to track Inventory quantities, costs and values. VersaCheck deducts items automatically as invoices are created. Eliminate manually counting inventory and rush production charges, shipping delays or losing customers caused by inventory shortages. VersaCheck lets you establish minimum inventory levels, and alerts you when these levels are met.

Create custom checks

Create and print your own custom BUSINESS & PERSONAL checks in just minutes with your Windows PC and laser or inkjet printer! Create checks that express your style and fit your individual needs. Save 50 - 80% vs. preprinted checks from your bank or mail-order! VersaCheck allows you to print all the elements necessary to be 100% compliant with all U.S. and Canadian bank requirements, including your bank's stylized code number (which includes your account number) on the bottom of the check.

User Friendly

VersaCheck's point-and-click interface makes creating custom checks a snap! Just follow the on-screen instructions, type in your information, insert your graphics, and print. It's really that simple!

Easy Design Tools

Check Designer PRO with over 300 handcrafted images has unlimited check design capabilities! Fully customize existing templates or create check templates from scratch! Add and edit logos, shapes, lines, text (font styles and sizes) and tables. Preview checks on screen while designing.


VersaCheck EZ-Scan&trade instantly recognizes your scanned check data and records it into the Check Account Setup database quickly and accurately. Eliminate manual data entry and typing errors.


Integrates seamlessly with your existing financial software!

Import records from your financial software or print filled out checks directly through QuickPass™, the new powerful VersaCheck virtual print engine for Quicken, QuickBooks and Money.

Check data is merged with the electronic check template and is printed in one print pass on blank check stock!


TrueSign™ allows you to create your encrypted digitized signature image and protects it with a password. You can also scan your signature or sign by hand.

Easy-to-use and powerful program features enable you to be in charge of your finances. View your net worth, upcoming payables and receivables anytime!

  • Find information you need quickly
  • Balance unlimited business & personal accounts
  • Create easy to read reports from your financial data
  • Organize payees, vendors, customers & contacts
  • Transactions are kept up-to-date – no guesswork!
  1. Easy Setup
  2. Access all accounts with one click
  3. Access payee information
  4. View all account activity
  5. NEW! Auto-Pay-Scheduler
  6. Write checks for all your accounts
  7. NEW! ProVision – approve, send & receive checks instantly!*
  1. Run Payroll & more, create paychecks & W2s*
  2. NEW! Process & manage credit card transactions*
  3. See all accounts in one place
  4. View upcoming bills & transactions
  5. Access productivity tools & order supplies
  6. Online support & services
*Service fee applies

Quickly create new accounts & checkbooks with VersaCheck's easy step-by-step wizards. Add as many accounts as you need. You can even setup multiple company files.

Setup unlimited bank accounts and manage multiple checkbooks. Accurately tracks check numbers. VersaCheck synchronizes financial data & records. Easily reconcile all your accounts.

Save time by importing your existing check, payee and account data from QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Excel and others. Recognized formats include .qif, .csv .txt .iif ..xml .qbw.

Export transaction data in .CSV format to create custom reports in Excel, Access, Word & more.


Never receive a late fee again! Schedule your payments to be entered automatically, or set bill-payment reminders!


New! ProVision™ Payment Manager is a subscription service integrated with VersaCheck to streamline & expedite check approval and payment workflow.

  • Send e-mail checks for recipients to print from their PC
  • Automate funding approval requests from account owners
  • View & approve checks from any internet connected computer
  • From your PC, instantly print checks from clients
  • No more postage & hassle!
  • Send checks instantly!
  • Free for 30 days

Using VersaCheck's Draft feature, enter your customer's check details to create & print a check draft for you to deposit immediately. Receive customer check details from phone, fax or internet. Schedule and automatically collect recurring payments or service fees!

Why pay credit card fees when you can accept & deposit check drafts for free!


Use VersaCheck's built in Virtual Terminal to process credit cards in real time (requires activation of merchant account). Eliminate expensive equipment and leases.

  • Supports e-commerce payment processing over the phone, via e-mail and through your web store
  • Retail processing using card reader and key pads
  • Print Transaction Tickets and receipts for customer signature and your records
  • Seamlessly integrated with VersaCheck®, the one place to manage all your finances
  • The total hassle free, low cost payment processing solution!
  • Turn your desktop PC into a complete POS terminal – Eliminates the time and cost of setting up expensive credit card terminals (an inexpensive USB card reader is required to use the service).

VersaCheck's contact manager lets you easily set up new contacts easily, so all your customer information is kept at your fingertips. Track and date-stamp customer correspondence and notes automatically, to you keep a detailed history record for every customer.

Use existing data fields or create custom data fields for your customer information. Includes a payee database so you don't have to re-type payee information for recurring bills, payments and forms.

  • Store unlimited contact data and images
  • Keep detailed conversation records
  • Create custom fields: i.e., birthdays, company size etc.
  • Filter and sort contact records with ease
  • Password-protect your customer database

Check printing and processing in the USA is governed by the Federal Reserve with guidelines authored by the American Bankers Association (ABA), the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA) and American National Standards Instituted (ANSI) standard X9. In Canada, Canadian Payments Association (CPA) cheque specifications standard 006 and ANSI standards determine bank compliance.

VersaCheck Software, VersaCheck paper, VersaInk, VersaToner and VersaJette printers meet or exceed all USA & Canadian bank industry and government check specifications.

Note for Canadian customers: VersaCheck software boxes contain USA compliant check paper.
Please order Canadian check paper here.


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