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VersaInk Magnetic Precision Inks San Diego, CA - G7 Productivity Systems announces the release of VersaInk Black No. 5, the only ink that lets users print ultra-crisp documents, images AND bank accepted MICR checks. VersaInk is the first ink for inkjet printers to utilize the new patent pending iron-complex pigment – xFerrone™. The unique physical characteristics of xFerrone™ produce a strong interaction with magnetic fields that enables the authentication and magnetic scanning of documents and images. This capability has practical relevance for most of us when printing our own checks using blank check paper since banks and retailers require the account numbers and institutional routing numbers, located at the bottom of the check, printed with “magnetic” ink.

VersaInk also delivers unmatched protection against fading and fraudulent alterations while creating virtually everlasting, documents in ultra-crisp print quality. VersaInk’s advanced pigment technology and durability make it ideal for printing professional documents, financial records, photos and MICR checks.

Advantages of using VersaInk: 
  • Ultra-crisp print quality for documents and images
  • Print bank and retail store accepted checks
  • Compatible with standard magnetic readers used at retail stores and banks.
  • Fraud proof and tamper protected print
  • VersaInkô resists fading, smearing, and chemical alterations
  • Higher print yield than non-VersaInkô ink
  • Extended shelf life
  • Ideal for all printing needs
Magnetic Readers Pass VersaInk Checks and Documents
Pass - With VersaInk™
Fail  - With traditional non-magnetic ink

Previously, only expensive M.I.C.R. toner was available for in-house check printing. With the majority of households and businesses owning inkjet printers, VersaInk™ provides an inexpensive way to print checks at a 50- 80% savings.

VersaInk™ is perfect to use with all major business and publishing applications for creation of superior print quality output. VersaCheck® software and G7’s line of security check paper refills provide a complete and hassle-free solution to print checks for business and home. VersaInk™ is priced at similar levels as regular (non-M.I.C.R.) ink. The affordable price and its unique features position VersaInk™ unquestionably as a contender for becoming the preferred solution for all inkjet-printing needs.

Presently, VersaInk™ is available for all popular printer models from Hewlett Packard (NASDAQ: HPQ), Canon (NYSE:CAJ), Lexmark (NYSE:LXK), Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) and Epson. VersaInk™ is also available in bulk containers from 1L to 200L for ink rechargers and printer manufacturers.

G7 Productivity Systems offers complete business solutions.

VersaInk™ cartridges can be purchased online at,, and in the US and Canada. Visit to see a complete list of supported printer models and cartridges.

G7 is the first and only manufacturer offering a completely integrated package for general business productivity, financial management, accounting and check printing for home and business.

VersaInk™ is the only ink for inkjets that lets users print ultra-crisp documents, images AND bank- accepted MICR Checks.

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